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Peel Family Fun for Everyone!

Here at Peel we focus heavily on ensuring we offer a variety of immersive entertainment solutions for the whole family on board the Marella Cruises’ fleet. With one of the largest family entertainment programmes on the seven seas, there’s lots to do on board, from ‘Babytainment’ sessions all the way to Theatre at Sea! Check out our new Family Product Showcase here, or read more below to see what you can get up to with the family on board a Marella Cruise.

Our Family Product range is just one example of how Peel creates first rate Entertainment Services by utilising a unique blend of immersive technology and traditional entertainment techniques.

Peel is an Award Winning Global Entertainment Producer and Talent Agency. We deliver bespoke production shows for land and cruise-based clients worldwide, always recruiting for the best new talent to join our international entertainment teams. For more information about what we do visit and don’t forget to like us on Facebook (Peel Talent) and follow us on Instagram (peel_talent) and Twitter (@PEELTalent) to stay up to date with all things live entertainment.

Theatre at Sea

As well as 11 production shows on board we also run a Theatre at Sea programme. Harking back to our theatrical roots, Peel pioneered the production of plays on cruise ships and now has twenty years’ experience delivering various pieces to appeal to our diverse audiences. Utilising our professional actors, past productions have included classics such as Educating Rita, Abigail’s Party, Boeing Boeing and Pygmalion, to name just a few. Such productions offer a unique opportunity for all our creatives to work on non-musical pieces, directed by specially commissioned theatre directors and calling for a greater degree of naturalism in terms of delivery and design. A hit with our performers and audiences alike, our plays demonstrate the breadth of genres available within our products and never fail to surprise and delight our audiences all over the world.

Mad Hatters Tea at Sea

This new show was developed collaboratively by our Cruise Product Delivery Team and Peel Interactive, our in-house digital media experts. The concept was to offer our young, digital-savvy guests an immersive entertainment experience, combining a Virtual Reality (VR) adventure with live action and activities. It was also a solution to a specific challenge.

Cruise ships are naturally limited in terms of space. However, Virtual Reality offers a unique opportunity to create entire worlds and spatial experiences in even the smallest room. This project is a perfect example of how Peel deploys cutting-edge technology to provide exciting entertainment solutions in even the most restricted environments.

Our creatives chose Alice in Wonderland as the perfect, surreal fantasy story on which to base the show. Our Peel Interactive team, expertly constructed an entire 3D model of the VR adventure, including landscapes through which the user can travel and characters with which they can interact.

Guests put on their VR headsets, then, like the Lewis Carroll classic itself, they follow a white rabbit through a door in a tree down to a mysterious room, where they are greeted by the Cheshire Cat, before finding their way out through a tiny door. The guests then remove their headsets only to find the very same door right in front of them. Children can then work together, guided by live costumed actors, to complete tasks set by the Queen of Hearts to help save Alice, and of course a game of famous Flamingo Croquet is included. Finally our young guests enjoy their very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.


SPLASH has been a huge hit among our littlest of guests on board the Marella Discovery Fleet since its launch in 2016! It’s an interactive show format, combining live, costumed presenters with digital on-screen characters and action, also utilising an Augmented Reality App which our guests can download on board.

Our Peel Interactive team worked closely with our Cruise Product experts to develop a video game-style framework format, based on underwater worlds, focussed on a bright, futuristic style and incorporating both fun and educational elements. Thus a range of video and scripted live content can be delivered within the same platform and different audiences can interact with both live and digital characters in a series of activities and adventures.

Our writer, John Barker, created songs, each tailored to fit with a certain age bracket so that children of all ages on board can learn moves and dance and sing along with our live characters Nautilus, Scuba and Eugenie!

This design and content then fed into the development of our own Augmented Reality App, which sends our guests on a treasure hunt around the ship to uncover all of the ship’s mysteries… it’s clear to see why SPLASH is a firm family favourite!


Don’t think we’ve forgotten about our teeny-tiny guests either! We have created our very own Babytainment sessions where all the little ones can enjoy their very own ‘Baby Rave’! They get to experience sensory lights and toys whilst dancing to music.
‘Baby Yoga’ is something else we offer for both babies and parents to enjoy together. It is time to relax with the little ones, whilst combining a good ‘Sign & Sing’ – where our professional Children’s Hosts cover the alphabet and basic words.

Kids Club

Last but certainly not the least! We offer a unique kids club with multiple activities, from games and quizzes to sports activities such as mini golf, a climbing wall and much more… it’s safe to say the kids (and even some of the parents!) will be entertained all holiday long!