Our now ‘famous’ audition process is renowned throughout the entertainment industry for its individuality and distinctive style. Our auditions are personal and rehearsal-based, which allows you the opportunity to relax and really shine on the day.



Entertainment Hosts

9 October, West Yorkshire

Technician Trials

11 October, Luton

Male Vocalists

31 October, London

Female Dancers

1 November, London

Female Singer/Dancers

1 November, London

Female Vocalists

2 November, London

Male Dancers

2 November, London


Please call 01756 796176 or email your CV to

Male Cruise Ship auditions
  • PEEL’s wonderful audition process enables many people to be seen in order to enhance the quality of the personnel as well as a feeling of group activity with auditionees, helping and encouraging each other from within the audition room. This results in the process feeling less formal and more personal and communal. On top of this, they are all thoroughly nice people to work with!
    Richard Beadle
    Musical Director, Betty Blue Eyes
  • Had a great day at the PEEL Talent auditions! Loved the workshop style auditions, but gutted I missed having a Lulu selfie!
    Yvette Pepper
  • Had a great day at the PEEL Talent auditions. Was great to hear so many amazing singers.
    Matt Smith
    Thomson Dream Summer 15 showteam
  • Really enjoyed the audition today with PEEL Talent and hearing all the other wonderful singers!
    Francesca Goodridge
  • It was great auditioning for PEEL Talent today, such a lovely bunch!
    Natasha Wood
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