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Our Creative HQ team has been exceptionally busy designing, crafting and curating brand new shows for audiences on board Marella’s Spirit, Dream and Discovery cruise ships.

The first of our five brand new shows, 'Private Eye' previewed live on Marella Spirit in March. Conceived specifically to appeal to a multi-generational audience, the production design is structured around a postmodern jukebox, with carefully selected musical numbers, fusing the swing era style with 80's classics. Peel scriptwriters combined a Chandleresque style with a story based around the song, ‘Who Killed Leroy Brown’ (the 'baddest' boy in town), whilst our set designers focussed on a 1930's Hollywood look, drawing on the architecture and styles of the era and incorporating a unique art concept, featuring only Primary colours throughout. Combined with thoroughly researched, tailor-made costumes, Private Eye presents a stylish, musical and visual extravaganza to appeal to the widest audience.

Live on Marella Dream we introduce 'It’s Burlesque' and 'New York New York’!

'It's Burlesque' was devised to respond to the modern revival of this risqué genre, telling the enthralling story of an ordinary girl who dreams of working in a glamourous Burlesque club. Our in-house designers set about creating a two-scene stage design, featuring an active door and including a suitably ‘exotic’ club set, complete with giant martini glass and dancing pole. Set, lighting and costume designers collaborated to create colour schemes and costumes to perfectly illustrate the genre. Meanwhile, in Peel’s rehearsal studios, our music team and choreographers worked with a specially chosen menu of remastered classics, to present some of the hottest vocal and dance performances we’ve ever produced.

In 'New York New York' we wanted to bring a modern slice of the Big Apple to the stage. This is a firm favourite at Peel HQ, perhaps because it has a little bit of everything. Our creative team dreamed up an archetypal coffee shop setting, with elements of New York’s unique fashion scene, and all wrapped up in timeless ‘boy meets girl’ story. A carefully curated and diverse song list innovatively choreographed, takes us through the whirl-wind that is the average day in the life of a New York cafe worker. 'Nine to Five' commuters pop by as our heroine finds herself caught up in a 'Vogue' photoshoot, whist also trying to meet a 'Boy from New York City'! It’s a light-hearted show, but with Peel’s characteristic attention to detail, our homage to the city that never sleeps is bound to be ‘A-number one’ on any cruise.

"We think our new shows for Marella Discovery could be our best yet!"

'Radio Gaga' is a 1980's, multimedia spectacular, which utilises the full range of Peel’s in-house production services, both live and digital. The creative team settled on a Max Headroom-style character (the very first animated presenter to feature on TV!) to present the show. Peel Talent’s agency secured the services of ex-Radio 1 DJ, Andy Kershaw, as a source character. Then our Peel Interactive experts were tasked with combining live film of Andy with CGI technology, to post-process him into a digital ‘talking head’. This was then overlaid onto specially designed 80s graphics to be played on LED screens on stage. Meanwhile our set and costume designers took the iconic Rubik’s Cube as a primary inspiration for both form and colours. The show itself takes us back to the birth of MTV, opening with 'Video Killed the Radio Star', the first ever song aired on the channel, and progressing through a dazzling range of chart hits, including an insight into the most expensive music video ever aired on television. Also featuring live saxophone and dancers on roller boots, our creative team has really pulled this one out the bag!

'Hello Mr Wonderful’ is the second new show to go live on Marella Discovery. Conceived predominantly to showcase the talents of our performers and introduce our audiences to the fabulous talent on board, this ‘welcome’ show is a bright and breezy collection of classic hits from the likes of Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie. As a ‘first look’ event, the set list has been carefully curated to appeal to the widest audience possible and leave everyone wanting more.

The hard work’s not over though and we’ve got loads more fantastic productions in the pipeline; so keep your eyes ‘Peeled’!

Peel is an Award Winning Global Entertainment Producer and Talent Agency. We deliver bespoke production shows for land and cruise-based clients worldwide, always recruiting for the best new talent to join our international entertainment teams. For more information about what we do visit and don’t forget to like us on Facebook (Peel Talent) and follow us on Instagram (peel_talent) and Twitter (@PEELTalent) to stay up to date with all things live entertainment.