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Fairy Woodland

Our enchanted English garden

As part of our long-term partnership with the Broughton Hall Estate (where Peel HQ is based) we regularly transform their woodland glade into an enchanted fairy woodland with specially designed lighting effects, actors and tailor-made audio to create a magical guest experience. An original creation for a private event, our enchanted fairy woodland project proved so successful that we’ve gone on to produce similar experiences for festivals and other large and small scale events across the country.

Using English literary characters as a starting point, we set about transforming an area of dense woodland into an interactive and immersive theatrical installation, which required all of our collective skills and expertise.

To create such an enchanting experience we first plotted the journey visitors would take through the woods and then set about identifying areas to dress, sourcing props, casting actors and creating costumes.

We made it our mission to bring the forest to life and we even went as far as tasking our in-house Music Producer with creating a completely original soundscape, whilst our videographers created and edited film footage for projection.

The results were even more magical than we could have ever anticipated, but creating such an incredible experience wasn’t without its challenges.

Undoubtedly the biggest of these was the technical installation, which required our team of technicians to wade through mud and debris to set cables from the generator, as well as scaling trees to hang hundreds of metres of fairy lights, lanterns and candles.

Our hard work definitely paid off though and as guests we’re transported through the forest on electric buggies, they were treated to the best in British fantasy. The end result was so enchanting, one minute you could find yourself in a cloud of pink smoke created by the meddlesome puck, the next you could be joining Alice and the Mad Hatter for a tea party.

The most eagle-eyed visitors may even have spotted a real-life Cottingley Fairy or two – who says fairies aren’t real?